18th Century Workshirt - Cotton


This colonial style was used for over 100 years well into the 19th century. Authentic cut with neck and sleeve gussets. Made in fine white 100% cotton fabric for dressy wear or unbleached off white for working class. Generously Cut. Made in the USA.
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Item # SH-124

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Customer Reviews

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As described

Joshua Wade
Comfortable for kilting

I bought this to wear with a great kilt. It's not to hot and it's very durable. For anyone looking to pull of the highland look I would recommend this shirt rather than buying a "highland shirt".

John M
Absolute garbage

First they forgot to include it with my order despite billing me for it., and sent another item incorrectly. When I finally got the shirt, I wore it for two minutes to check the size and it fit just fine. Then I washed it ON COLD and hung it to dry, and discovered the sleeves had shrunk had shrunk by THREE INCHES!!! This is an absolute travesty. Townsends has such a great reputation but so far they are not living up to it. I’m actually quite worried about the regimental coat, waistcoat, and breeches they are making for me.


Came in speedily. Looks great, especially for the price. Size runs a bit large.

My shirt review

The 18th century workshirt I purchased is amazing! Fits great and I took notice that it's different too. Townsend has changed the shirt to make it more like the originals and I totally agree....it came out great! All my reenactor shirts comes from Townsend and they are fantastic!