Striped Wool Blanket


  • 100% Wool
  • Thick Cushion
  • Heavy Weight

Made of 100% wool. These blankets are heavy, warm, and great for wicking moisture away. These blankets weigh in at 6 lbs, with long fibers and have a nice, thick cushion to them. The blankets are off white or red with black stripes on either end and are stitched around the outside in white. They measure 72" by 90". This warm blanket will treat you well during winter nights in your tent or beside the fire. Great for camping, trekking, lying out on the ground for a picnic or stargazing, or about anything else you can think of.

Dry clean only.

Made in India

Item # WB-3501 and WB-3502

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
This blanket rocks!

I've been looking for a white blanket with the black stripes at the end for years. I've A collection of bay company blankets, some quite old ,but I've never been able to afford one like this. For the most common blanket sold by the HBC and the Northwest company you'd think there would be more to find.
Not only is this my new favourite blanket, its soft like nothin you've ever felt before. My wife hates wool blankets cause they're itchy, but she stole this one from me for the first two weeks and now my dog will only lay on this one. Im not joking.
Its tough and thick and and it locks warmth in, but it also lets you breathe during sleep. Good job folks and thanx. You've made an old man happy.