Leather Tumpline


  • Genuine Leather Tump
  • Perfect Trekking Tool
  • Tie on your Bedroll

This Leather Tumpline is exactly what we wanted. It's light, it's long, it's durable. We've looked into weaving them, we thought about different types of fabric, but nothing seemed to end up with the quality or price-point we had in mind. One of our leather workers took on the challenge and got to researching. The result is comfortable for head or shoulder carry, it looks fantastic, and gets the job done well.

About 2.5" wide at the widest and 106" long from end to end. The split ends are about 20" long. Made from 5 to 6 oz leather.
Made in USA
Item #  LT-855
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Customer Reviews

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Clay Barry
Good Quality, A Little Short

I love the leather tumpline I got. It's genuine leather. It's sturdy, it's well made. The only problem I had is It's a little short. For the photo I should have guessed it but it's only really good for if it's just the blanket. Its still a great item though and if your not planning on a bedroll being your main source of carry it's a great choice. You can just add in to the leather tassels at the end and it works just fine.


Excellent quality!

Deleted user


Tom G
Great Leather, easy to use

The design is really simple and can be adjusted to all manner of blanket or roll sizes. The leather is actually more comfortable than I thought. Great buy to round out any trek or hiking gear you have.