Leather Portmanteau


Every gentleman or lady needs a case or bag for carrying clothing and other necessities when traveling. This version is beautifully handcrafted in the U.S.A. from heavy leather. The case is 21” long (with handles, it measures a total 26” long) and approximately 9-1/2” in diameter. Solid brass buckles secure the flap. Color may vary.  Allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

Made in USA

Item # PT-717

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I've lusted after this specific portmanteau for like, five years, searching high and low for ones just like it made of this calibur . . . there isn't a better option. I finally got it. It'll be the most impactful luggage purchase I've ever made. Everyone remarks about it wherever I go — people I know, people I don't know — this bag has caused many a conversation with a stranger during travels. Everything just becomes more magical. Pricey, but for life. A star item.


I got my wife one of these a couple years ago for Christmas and she used it when we travel. This is a seriously high-quality piece that’s worth the price. Highly recommended.

wonderful for reenactments

for years I've been using a sheepskin pack to carry kit into and out of reenactments, the sort which flattens out in the night and leaves hairs in the car-called by some the 'cat skin pack. Then I got one of these. It's great for carryring clothes to an event. I load it with my small clothes to carry in, then on site which out and put modern clothes in it and nothing farbe shows.

It also doubles as a pillow.at least it doesn't flatten out in the night the way a pack does and on nights where I've stayed in a period tavern it certainly looks more gentlemanly than a pack.