Alpaca Wool Blanket


  • 80%  Alpaca Wool
  • A Variety of Beautiful Colors

These alpaca wool blankets are lightweight, warm, and soft. The size is approximately 66" by 96" and they come a wide variety of colors and stripes. These weigh about 1.8lbs. The perfect thing for a chilly evening. 80% alpaca wool and 20% acrylic.
Handwash or machine wool wash 86 degrees. Air dry only. 

Made in Ecuador

Item # AB-316 and AB-317

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very Soft

I bought an Alpaca Blanket for my mother for Christmas. I heard many times from her how she wouldn't do without it now when relaxing on cool evenings. I next bought one for my daughter. She too raved about how cozy the blanket was. Even though I had no excuse to spend money, I then bought one for myself. I have been enjoying it thoroughly these past 6 months of cooler weather. I do try to baby it and have hand-washed it, rather than taken the risk to machine wash delicate, after my small dog snuck up into the upstairs recliner to enjoy a winter afternoon. It has fuzzed up a bit after that, but still so soft and enjoyable.

Kyle Turcotte
The blankets to get

I did a deep dive looking at wool blankets and couldn't settle on what to get until I found these. Alpaca wool blankets on Amazon were more pricey or had some questionable reviews. These blankets were bigger, cheaper, and seemed to be of good quality. After buying one for myself, I have since bought one for all my family members... and a second one for myself. These are are so soft it's stupid and unlike a lot of synthetic blankets that hasn't changed after several months of use.

Jebediah the Gyro Captain
Great Alpaca Blanket!

This is a great, blanket! I plan to use it in the spring, summer, and early fall by itself, without a tent, and have no worries it will be find. For colder or snowy weather, I plan to use the alpaca as the inner blanket with a thicker blanket as the outer. I bought the grey/tan striped blanket, and it looks awesome rolled on top of a pack. Alpaca is soft and smooth; it's also warmer by volume than sheep wool. For those allergic to wool blankets, know that alpaca is hypoallergenic. I can see how some reenactors may have an issue with the historical correctness of alpaca. It wasn't really used in western Europe (other than Spain) until roughly 1830. But if the alpaca doesn't turn you away, this is a fantastic blanket to use in the field.