18th Century Finishing Hammer


A Jas. Townsend exclusive. This reproduction hammer is nearly identical in appearance and dimensions to an 18th-Century English artifact we have in our collection (see inset). Cast in the U.S.A. using high-quality tool steel, case-hardened for strength and durability, and finished right here in our own shop. No two are completely alike. This hammer is smaller in size and is intended for finer work. Overall length is approximately 9”. The 11-ounce claw-style head measures measures 3-3/4” long with a 1” by 1-1/4” face. Made in USA

Item # HM-585

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vinnie De
Hammer in the morning

I just received this hammer and it's just what i was looking for. The quality and craftsmanship are excellent. The weight is not heavy and not too light light. In a little while I'm going to put to good use. The very next thing is to order nails. Thanks for the superb service and shipping.

Jebediah the Gyro Captain
Great period correct hammer!

This little hammer is absolutely worth the price. I've been using it around the house since it arrived, just looking for a reason to hit nails. Also, wonderfully historically correct & a nice item to have around camp.