Heavy Hemp Rope


Hemp served a vital role in early America, and was said in the earliest accounts to grow better in no other area than in Virginia. Hemp’s long strong fibers were perfect for manufacturing rope and cordage. Hemp was used to make nearly all rope and cordage until it was replaced by Manila fibers in the 1940s. We offer this heavy-duty 1/2” hemp rope that comes in an approximately 45-48’ hank.

Imported from China

Item # S-3296

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rob Getz
Good Quality

Really nice quality hemp rope. I've been using 1/2" sisal rope to bind my tipi poles and 1/4" sisal for the inside liner. I'm switching to Hemp rope for a more realistic "old rope" look. The 1/2" here is a good price and quality. As well as their 1/4" which I purchased as well. In spring the lodge goes back up but practicing knots with the Hemp. Holds various knots great like a clove hitch, taught line, bow hitch, etc...

One can always use line

Rope, line, string are always useful then and now. It is not as weather proof as some modern stuff but it holds a knot better than most. Learn, then teach a half dozen basic knots and maybe one fancy knot and you will help yourself and others for a lifetime.