Thigh-Length Gaiters in Black


The thigh-length gaiters were worn for extra leg protection by sporting men, laborers, and the military from the early 18th century into the 19th century. Half-length spatterdashes were preferred over these by the time of the American Revolutionary War.

We make these in black linen with black canvas lining. Choose size:

Small       Thigh 15-16 1/2"     Calf 13"-15"

Medium   Thigh 17-18 1/2"     Calf 15 1/2"-16 1/2"

Large       Thigh 19-22"           Calf 17"-19 1/2"

XL            Thigh 22 1/2-25"     Calf 20-22 1/2"

Please take the Thigh measurement at 4" above the knee.

You will receive the gaiters, fitting instruction, and enough black horn buttons to custom fit them to your legs. You will need to sew on the buttons. The straps on these gaiters are made of the same fabric as the leg covering.

You will want to enlist a “willing assistant” to help you with measuring and fitting. 

 Click here for Measuring advice.

This item is usually made to order please allow 4-6 weeks for item to be made. Please call if you would like to see what our current stock is.

Made in USA

Item # GA-986

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Incredible Craftsmanship!

I bought these for an event and was very happy with the quality! These gaiters are a wonderful addition to any reenactor's closet. The customer service team behind Townsends is absolutely incredible and were so helpful in making sure this product arrived on time. I am looking forward to purchasing more products in the future.