Half-Length Spatterdashes in White


  • Outer shell made of white linen
  • Cotton canvas lining
  • Kit includes spatterdashes, fitting instructions, and buttons


        Paintings from the 1760s onward document these Half-Length Spatterdashes. Sporting men, laborers, and soldiers alike wore these to protect their legs and to prevent stones and sticks from falling into one’s shoes.

        We make these in white linen with cotton canvas lining. Choose size small (calf 13"-15"), medium (15 1/2"-16 1/2"), large 17"-19 1/2"), extra-large (20-22 1/2").

        You will receive the Spatterdashes, fitting instructions, and enough unattached black horn buttons to custom fit them to your legs. You will need to sew on the buttons. You will want to enlist a “willing assistant” to help you with measuring and fitting.

        See our measurement guide for help with obtaining proper measurements.

        This item is usually made to order please allow 4-8 weeks for item to be made. Please call if you would like to see what our current stock is. .

        Made in USA

        Item # SW-984