The Art of Bread-Making


  • A Townsends Imprint
  • 18th Century Bread Study
  • 221 pages

A Treatise on the Art of Bread-Making was originally published in 1804.  A wonderful book that helps anyone understand what people thought of bread making from a budding scientific point of view. The book discusses what bread is and what it was like along with ideas about how to improve bread. Includes interesting recipes and techniques of the time period. Published as a facsimile text, but very readable. The cover is designed to give an old feel with a matte finish and design taken from a period book in our collection. This is one of our "go to" books when we research bread recipes for our Youtube channel.

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John Davies
An incredibly interesting book

I'm about half-way through this book and it is incredibly interesting. The author, in order to learn more about the components that make up bread conducts experiments in his home laboratory. He also discusses how flour is milled at various mills of the era. I am looking forward to reading the recipes. But I ma taking my time to enjoy the journey.


Great and awesome book!


I love baking sourdough breaf