Journal of Nicholas Cresswell 1774-1777


Cresswell was only 24 years old when he came from England to explore America firsthand. This diary includes his historically important backwoods adventures. With first hand descriptions of Native Americans and Longhunters. 280 page of facsimile text, softback.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Hard to put this book down... it is so great!

This book was really entertaining and interesting to read. I couldn't put it down, I think I finished it within a week. Highly recommend!

Fascinating Journal

We bought this years ago. I recently picked it up to remind myself what it was about and could not put it down. What a fascinating journal! The young man had such a wide range of adventures, from survival in the wilderness to picking up papers from a Mr. Thos Jefferson (signed by John Hancock). The details and perspective in his accounts make for a worthy read.

Col. D
Adventuring young man

Interesting how ill prepared he was for north America. He appears to believe he will make money trading but comes out on the short end every time. He seems to have "dined" often with British and rebel officers, and got drunk when ever offered free drink. He had a temporary Indian wife for quite some time before abandoning her somewhere. Overall seems he was a very young man who was ill equipped for frontier living. He was a Tory and makes that clear in his writings. Overall it's an interesting read from someone who experienced life before and during the American Revolution. I recommend this book, it was a good read overall.

Troy Dorman
Thank you

Thank you. The book is great

Troy Dorman
Very slow shipping!!

Ordered this before it went out of stock and ordered it about 2 weeks ago and still haven’t got It... and I’m a very patient man but this is slow I love your YouTube channel it is awesome this was my first time ordering from this website it’s not turning out so good..