Recreating the American Longhunter: 1740-1790


Describes how and where the American longhunter lived. Discusses the clothing, weapons, equipment used in the everyday life of a longhunter. 65 pgs. Paperback.

Made in USA

Item # BK-569

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great book

I just got this book for Christmas and I love it. It will definently help me with creating and sharing my longhunter persona. I can't recomend this book enough.

Jeff Poulin
A Small Book With Tons of Information

This little book is a treasure trove of information. Of course it covers the clothing and gear of the longhunter but, just as importantly, his world circumstances. The footnotes alone are worth the cost of the book. Whether you are involved with living history or just have an interest in the period you will benefit having this book on your shelf. I've read it twice and will refer to it often.