Snapsack Off-White Canvas


This tubular shoulder bag is easily documented in 17th century artwork. The stomach-shaped description given in the Royal Society’s 1742 book, “Philisophical Transactions and Collections” matches depictions in paintings and prints as late as 1755. Our recommendation is that this style is best for the period prior to the 1760s. Made with unbleached cotton canvas. It measures 11” at it’s widest spot by 32” long. The shoulder strap is durable cotton webbing made adjustable with a double-D brass buckle. The ties are sewn into the seam.

Item # SS-712

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Customer Reviews

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Love it, fair price. And looks good with either my Militia, Sailor, or Marine kit

Awesome hiking alternative

First . . . . Towsend's is just an awesome company to deal with. I buy from a lot of people and they are by far the best. When they say "let me find out and I'll call you back" . . . . they actually do, EXACTLY when they say they will. I love these guys.

Second, their stuff is exquisite. Very sturdy, very well sown and exactly as advertised. Plus, it's a great deal. Because I don't sew, I research material and seamstress/sewing costs in my area. I can buy cheaper from Towsend's than I can make it myself.

So, about the Snapsack . . . . it's an excellent piece of gear. The Old Timers knew what they were doing. I've used mine for walking at the state park, walking on the Appalachian Trail and on an overnighter and it still feels new. No loose threads anywhere. Not supposed to be waterproof but I've walked in the rain and nothing inside has gotten wet . . . . could be the angle at which it sits?

It's cavernous. You can throw water, tarp, stove, food, knife and odds and ends in there and still have plenty of room. Really amazing.

Great trick I found . . . . instead of dangling the strap on my shoulder, I pull the top of the sack on my shoulder. That allows more weight distribution and makes whatever you're carrying feel very light.

BTW . . . . you can also attach small bags to the outside for access to things you need fast like a compass, gloves, etc.

Really, can't say enough about this bag. And can't say enough about Towsends!

Wow! Great Snapsack!

I just received my snapsack and I love it! It will be great with my character! Thanks Jas Townsend...YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN!