Harvester's Basket


Based on an example dating from the early 19th century. Also called a fruit-picker’s basket, it can be used as a gathering basket or as a general-purpose pack, purse, or satchel. It comes with an adjustable 1-1/2” wide cotton strap so that it can be worn comfortably over the shoulder. This natural reed, black-walnut stained basket is handmade by our local basket maker. It measures about 15” across is approximately 11” tall by approximately 6” deep. Size, color of reed, and shape varies.

Made in USA

Item # S-3401

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Customer Reviews

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A well made basket that could be used in a variety of uses, love it!

Robert Moore
Perfect for harvesting my heirlooms!

One beautiful harvesting basket. Well made and perfect for harvesting my heirloom vegetables and berries. Will line the inside with osnaburg to cushion produce. Highly recommend this item for the 18th and early 19th century living historian!

Pennsic Purse for the Missus

I bought this basket for my wife for her to use as a purse at SCA events. she was very fond of it

Beautiful, Surprisingly Lightweight Basket

I just received one of these baskets as a gift for Christmas and it's absolutely gorgeous. It has a lot of character since not all of the reed took the stain the same way and it weighs a lot less than I would normally expect from a basket of this size. The strap is very sturdy and easy to adjust to a comfortable length. I keep chickens and garden in the spring, so this will make my life much easier than carrying a traditional handheld basket. It even came with a calendar that includes a lot of recipes!