French Trade Axe


  • Made in the USA
  • All Purpose Axe
  • French Design

This is a really great "all purpose" axe. If you needed to take a tree down with it, you certainly could, and we have. It's prefect for finer chopping work, and it's great for firewood and around camp. If one were going into the wilderness and had room for one axe only, this is a great candidate. The angle of the head does a lot of work for you, and the 21" handle is the perfect length for either one or two handed work.

We made the molds for this axe from an original. We make the wax parts right here in the basement at Townsends, ship them off to be cast in the USA, and the finished heads come right back here to be fitted with handles and shipped to your door.
Full length of handle is 21". 
Made in USA
Item # AX-645