Questions & Answers with Jas. Townsend & Son: 2016, October 20

Jonathan Townsend

Posted on October 21 2016

Index of Topics:

00:15 – If you want to do the first two recipes in the oven what temperature would you set it at? Or is it not even really possible to do without a fire? (Cooking Pumpkins over an Open Fire)
00:58 – Is that Acorn Squash? (A Harvest Succotash)
01:15 – I am guessing that you can also prepare this in a slow cooker on high? (A Harvest Succotash)
01:35 – Would you be able to replace the cloth with something else such as a plastic bag? Or does the cloth provide a unique way of cooking the dish? (A Delicious Lamb in a Blanket)
02:15 – What would you recommend for vegetarians in place of the suet? Is there a vegetarian suet available? (Plum Pudding)
03:14 – How about Asiago cheese? Would that be a hard enough cheese? (A Delicious Cheese Spread, Welsh Rabbit from 1788)
03:39 – I don’t understand how a whole onion with clove spikes could serve as seasoning. Is the onion sliced or perforated? (French Beans in a Ragout)
05:09 – Why do you never use a fork in your videos and instead use a knife? Did many people in the 18th century have no forks or is there another reason for that? (Paw Paw Pudding)
06:37 – Why would you want to dye your eggs with a ground up scale bug? Do they have any benefit besides dying eggs? Where/why did people come up with ideas like this? Are there more natural ways to dye your eggs? (A 240-Year-Old Recipe for Pickling Eggs)
08:34 – Didn’t you mention a few months ago that you were going to make 18th century cheese videos. Are you still going to make them, or is it not happening?
09:04 – I wanted to say congratulations and also thank you for taking time to speak with me at Five Medals this weekend, you were very helpful! I’m looking forward to coming by to visit the shop!
09:40 – I’ve always wanted to participate in these events but have been a bit afraid. It’s so out of my comfort zone! Maybe one day! (What is Your Favorite Part of a Historical Event?)
11:26 – Announcement: Conner Prairie Oven Class


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