Boys Playing Cards – Ceruti 1730

Jonathan Townsend

Posted on March 12 2012

CERUTI, Giacomo
(b. 1698, Milano, d. 1767, Milano)

Beautiful and very useful,  this painting is so full of usable detail it is hard to know where start.  All the baskets are great but I think I like the one on top of the cart best.   The cart  and the barrel on the cart are interesting, Dad came back from a trip to France in 1992 with a small version of that same oblong barrel. The boys hats are all the same kind of cloth cap except for the one boy with the felt hat.  Notice all the boys have coats and they all have shoes even though it looks as though they are a bit on the ragamuffin side.  We see socks with leather garters and interesting small shoe buckles.

Detail: baskets, cart, barrel, dog, boys, shirt, coat, shoes, garters, buckles, cards, book, cloth cap, felt hat.

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