Our Video Equipment Recommendations

These are amazon affiliate links to the video equipment that we are currently using. If you purchase from these links then we will get a small commission and it will not cost you anything extra, so purchasing from this page is a great way to support our YouTube channel. We have gone through about 5 or 6 generations of equipment as we have made videos over the years.  Each generation gets better and easier to work with if not less expensive, but I am truly astounded by the quality we can get with the price we have to pay.


Our Current Cameras:

The Panasonic GH5 is our newest camera and I have to save quite an impressive machine.  It is wonderful for captureing 4K video and also for slow motion video that we use on our channel.  I won't give you a full review because that would take pages and pages.  Let's just say I don't have any complaints with this one even though it is pricey.


The Panasonic GH4 is our workhorse camera, it has almost the same specs as the GH5 but since it is a gereration older it's a really good deal. These also shoot great 4K video and slow motion video.


The Panasonic G7 is my secret weapon.  This little camera is where I would point you if you want to try to create great looking videos without spending a bundle.  It also shoots great looking 4K video and uses the same lenses as it's big brothers the GH4 and GH5.  You won't get some of the super fancy feature or a lot of slow motion options but it's a great camera.  I use a G7 on all the videos I do by myself in the woods.  It's a little smaller and makes a great backup camera also.  If you could only afford one inexpensive camera this would be it.  The kit lens that comes with this camera is OK and will certainly get you started, but that leads me next to lenses.


Our Lenses:  All these cameras take micro 4/3rds lenses and here are the lenses we use everyday.

This Sigma 19mm lens is the lens that stays on the G7 that I use for all the "Jon by himself in the woods" videos.


We uses this Panasonic 25mm lens for the closeup work in our cooking videos.


This Panasonic 15mm lens is used for wide / establishing shots in our cooking videos.


When it comes to interviews, this 42.5mm lens is the go-to lens.  We love it.


We have just started useing this zoom, I guess if I just had one lens and I had to do a lot with it.  This would be the one.   With the zoom from 12 to 35 it would work for almost everything we do.


Last but not least, if I am trying to get unposed video or pictures, I want a long lens - the Panasonic 35 to 100 zoom is just right.


Audio Equipment:  video is great but without good audio there is not much point.


Our main audio capture device is the Zoom H6, very versitile comes with some builtin microphones that work well and it allows you to plug in up to 4 more professional low impedence mics.  This gets used a lot!


My backup audio device that I also use in the video I shoot by myself is the Zoom H1.  It is nice and small and fits in my small camera bag, so I can take it anywhere.  Builtin mic works great and you can plug in other mics, just not the expensive low impedence ones.


For most of the cooking videos now we use a wireless microphone system, this one comes with lapel mics and two transmitters so I can use it in videos with more the one person infront of the camera.  Great system.

Get it here: http://amzn.to/2CjKGGD


If we need something a little different for audio, this is what we used before we went with the wireless lapel mics and I still like the sound better at times.  These Rode shotgun mics are really good if a little on the expensive side.


Lighting Equipment:

These Alzo 3000 are my current "go to" light.  They don't take a lot of power so you can get by with a long extension cord if you have to.  They are nice and bright and not too dificult to get a good white balance out of.


Camera Support:

We use these and we love them.