Rifleman's Knife KN-176

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Long straight 12 inches blade and slightly curved black horn handle. Small brass guard and brass end pommel. Good 18th century backwoods knife. With leather sheath (not pictured). Overall length is about 17 inches . Imported.

Customer Reviews (3)
Decent knife
I purchased this knife about 18 years ago. In that time period I have used it quite heavily. It has held up pretty well with the only problem noted being the loosening of the oval brass guard. While a little annoying it is not a safety hazard as it continues to serve the function for which it is designed. The bend in the handle allows the knife to be easily held in the proper presentation withe edge being parallel to the ground and with the point aligned properly for a straight thrust. The angle the knife aligns at and the weight of the knife bring the point of percussion out away from the handle and out near the point which make this blade an excellent chopper. The sheath that comes with the knife is adequate to hold the knife securely and safely as well as being durable enough for long service but it is not nor does it look a period sheath. Review by Vince (Ghostcat) (Posted on 5/3/2018)
Beautiful Yet Delicate
Big and hefty it certainly looks the part of a soldiers kit but after about a week it has started to fall apart. This was with just wearing it during daily activities. It appears to have been held together with some sort of brown glue. I sharpens up nice and has turned many, many heads. Perhaps mine was just defective which is likely due to it being imported. If you buy this, treat it gently. Review by Ian (Posted on 2/13/2018)
I got one of these years ago when younger and stronger. There were fewer choices back then and I did not know period knives as well back then. It is well made and has proved durable and sharp enough. I didn't care for the sheath at all and had another made which I like very much. It is practically a machete and I used it to clear brush as much as any other use. While heavy for a knife it is lighter than a hawk and more versitle. Review by Peter (Posted on 1/13/2018)
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