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The Woodsman's Blanket


  • 100% Wool
  • Made in the USA
  • Think Cushion
  • Heavy Weight

Made 100% of wool. These blankets are heavy, warm, and great for wicking moisture away. Finding quality wool blankets made in the USA is a hard task, but finding them in the quantities we need is something we thought was impossible, until now! These blankets weigh in at 4.7 lbs, with long fibers and have a nice, thick cushion to them. The blankets are solid white throughout the body with gray and blue stripes on either end. They measure 64" by 90". This is by far the warmest blanket we carry, and will treat you well during winter nights in your tent or beside the fire. Great for camping, trekking, lying out on the ground for a picnic or stargazing, or about anything else you can think.

Last October I was invited to go camping in western Kentucky with some new friends that are fantastic reenactors with minimalist ideals. Trying to keep up, I decided to go camping without a blanket, given that it wasn't "that cold" and wanting to carry in as little as possible. I froze all night! I remember laying there between moments of not-so-deep sleep thinking that I should get up and stoke the fire, but fearing that coming out of my hay bed would only make me colder. What I wouldn't have given for a nice, warm blanket!

These blankets are an investment. It will be present for every camp, trek, guest sleeping on the sofa, and stargaze nights with my children. The quality will last, the merino wool will keep my six year old daughter from itching, and I will stay dry and warm on cold nights in Kentucky. 

Item # WB-304

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