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Large White Sugar Cone


These cones of white sugar are wrapped in blue paper and sealed with a wax seal. They weigh about 32oz but may be a little more or a little less. They are approximately 8" tall and 3 3/4" across the base. Sugar in the 18th century frequently came in a cone form because that is the shape the sugar was processed. We also offer the hard to find sugar nippers for breaking the cones into usable pieces. Sugar nippers not included. Cones are shipped in plain blue paper, not printed as shown. Also known in the time period as loaf sugar.

RICE JELLY.—Boil a quarter of a pound of rice flour with half a pound of loaf sugar, in a quart of water, till the whole becomes one glutinous mass, then strain off the jelly and let it stand to cool. This food is very nourishing and beneficial to invalids.

Item # WS-950