Hunting Shirt in Osnaburg SO-127


The pull-over Hunting Shirt remains to be a topic of debate among historical reenactors.  It appears from period references that the the terms "hunting frock" and "hunting shirt" were used interchangeably.  Texts also suggest differences in lengths, fabrics, and colors.  While many references indicate hunting frocks were split down the front, other references are less clear. This shirt is made like our 18th-Century Work Shirt with a fringed cape over the shoulders. Our hunting shirt has a single button-and-loop neck closure.  Loose cut to wear over another shirt. This shirt is made from our osnaburg fabric which is 100% cotton, off white and homespun looking fabric that is a slightly heavier shirt weight. There is a $10.00 extra fee for size XXL and up, this item may appear as XO-127 on the packing slip.

Stock varies on this item, please allow 2-4 weeks if garment needs to be made.

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