Fur Felt Hat Blank-Seconds

$80.00 $220.00

  • Hand Blocked and Stretched
  • Fur Felt
  • Made at Townsends
These unlined Fur Felt Hat Blanks are old stock that have been sitting on our shelves for a few years. They were used to start blocking hats, but tore at the ends of the brim when stretched out.  There may be other minor blemishes to the hat blank.  These are perfect for hat projects!  Available in black or brown.

**The one labeled "Extensive Blemish" has a lot of damage to one section of the brim.  This would be good if you are wanting a hat blank to cock up to the one side or a hat that is trimmed very low.  See pictures for details.**
21 1/2" Black Top Hat
22" Black Unstretched Unstiffened
22" Black
22 3/8" Brown
22 3/8" Brown

These hat blanks are sold "as is". They are non-returnable.
Made in USA

Item #: XX-4001-14