Fall Front Trousers in Linen-Special Deal

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Although long trousers were worn by some workmen and sailors before the Revolution they didn't come into general use until the 1790s. They are best for 1800-1840 outfits. Made with baggy seat. front pockets. adjustable waist and narrow front opening (fall). Color options can be viewed here, fabric swatch page. Measurements needed: Waist, Thigh and Inseam. And if the waist size is over 48" please put a rise measurement in the comment line. There is a $10.00 extra fee for waist sizes of  48" or larger.  These sizes may appear as LX-125 on the packing slip.  Need help measuring try this: Measuringadvice.com

Special note: In our continued efforts to be as historically accurate as possible, we have made a few adjustments to the design of these breeches, including the elimination of the center button on the main flap. These changes are reflected in the photo on this webpage.

The options listed below, are what we currently have in stock.  They will be non-returnable and we will not be able to alter them, they are sold "as is".  If you would like to know more about the sizes, please email or give us a call.

If we no longer have them in stock, we will delete the product from the order.

Waist 44" Inseam 36" Thigh 28" Crimson Linen (Two available in this size)

Made in USA

Item # XX-9125

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