Copper Jack Cup


Jack and Gill (pronounced "Jill") have been used since the 14th century to accurately measure liquids - often wine and spirits. It was also often used in 18th-century cookery. It is reported that, in an attempt to increase tax revenue, Charles I reduced the size of the 2 oz Jack and consequently the 4 oz Gill came tumbling after, so the rhyme goes. This cup is a reproduction of an original cup of the reduced size. This Jack Cup is handcrafted by redsmith Peter Goebel. Tin-lined and food safe, it measures 2 in tall x 1.5 in diameter and holds approximately 1.5 oz.

From the writings of George Washington, July 3, 1782 "Tomorrow being the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence...the Army is to be served an Extra gill of rum per man on this joyful occasion". A gill (pronounced "Jill") of rum, or a half-cup, was the standard daily ration for soldiers and sailors alike during the Revolutionary War. The rum ration remained in effect for the British Navy all the way up to July 31, 1970!

Made in USA

Item # GC-384