Pack Basket - Large PB-856

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Our hand woven pack baskets are made in the USA. They have wooden runners on the bottom to protect the basket. They also come with a wooden reinforcement in the bottom. Includes a leather strap handle at the top and a cotton webbing carrying harness. Light color walnut finish. 17-1/2 inches tall.


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Actually holds a ton!
I bought this for my daughter to use for a Renaissance faire outfit that she’s been working on developing, but it’s turned out to be extremely useful for all sorts of fun costumes and reenactment outings. We’ve used it in a pirate theme, colonial era work, a pioneer event, and even at a Viking reenactment.

The basket arrives with a bright new finish, but over time it develops a lovely, silvery blonde patina that works nicely for creating an authentic look. The straps are made of a pale canvas webbing that reads somewhat anachronistic, but you can darken it should you desire for earlier time periods. Wear and tear outdoors adds dirt and aging, but you could always dye it or muddy it up to speed up the process. We are trying to see if we can create a leather version, but have yet to put much time or money into it (future project!). There are also modern pressure buckles which I hate the look of, but unless you are knotting the strapping, there would be no way to adjust or keep the strapping in place (the basket has a bit of flex to it, so you need to be able to change the settings from time to time).

The basket is adjustable: my small 12 year old daughter can wear it, but so can all the adults in the family—including the two 6’4” males. It is also comfortable to wear.

When using it as a costume piece, we stuff the bottom of the basket with some clean newsprint paper to create bulk, then top it off with woolen, or food items, to minimize the weight. In reality, this basket carries quite a lot—which can get quite heavy if it is filled with something like fruit or flour! Just be aware that it will be top-heavy using this method, and will tip over when you set it down if you aren’t careful.

I have one warning: be careful how you store this. If the webbing drops off (which it can), it can be a real pain to get it back in place as it can become remarkably confusing. You’d think it would be easy-peasy to put back, but alas, it is not.
Review by Jane (Posted on 6/1/2018)
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