Pounce Pot Sander


This redware pottery sander, also known as a Pounce Pot, matches our redware ink well. Approximately 3" in diameter and maybe 2-1/2" tall.  It is commonly believed that a sander was used as a dispenser for blotting powder or sand. Its contents would be applied to the freshly written page to more quickly dry the excess ink. We found many references, however, to Gum Sandarac, the resin of a cypress-like tree, which was used to treat the paper (a process called “sizing”) before writing on it. We believe this may be the origin of the name “sander.” Such treatment made the paper less absorbent, which made for crisper sharper writing. Our Pounce Pot, made by a local potter, is sold with a small bag of talc for use as a blotting powder.

Made in USA

Item # P-4160


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