Townsends Calendar 2022


Our 2022 recipe Calendar is here at last! Includes Raspberry Dumplings, Cracknels, Potted Salmon, Pan Cakes, Sea Pie, Beef La Vinaigre, Potato Cakes, Beef Steaks, Chicken with Celery Sauce, Rump au Ragout, Pumpkin Pie, and Plum Pudding.

If purchased alone, we will ship it to you via 1st Class Mail. The shipping fee will be adjusted* to $3.00 for orders of one to three calendars mailed to U.S. addresses (including Alaska and Hawaii). Orders of more than three calendars to US addresses will be charged $8.00.

If you are located in Canada the shipping fee for single calendars will be $10.00*.

If you are located in any other country the shipping fee for single calendars sent by International First Class Mail will be $15.00*.

*Customer service manually collects each individual order amount, so the adjustment will not happen until the order is finalized and collected by customer service.  Your card will pend for the $8 (US) or more (International) until it is processed.  This can take up to 2 business days.

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