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A historical reproduction. This Cake Ring is handmade here in the U.S.A. from heavy tin. To use, tie a piece of paper or parchment to the outside of the ring’s bottom wired rim. Then liberally butter both the ring and the paper on the inside. The ring should then be placed on a baking sheet before filling with batter. Maximum oven temperature should be no more than 425-degrees (though you normally wouldn't bake a cake at that temperature anyway). Once the cake is finished baking, run a knife, if needed, around the inside of the ring, untie the paper, and the ring comes perfectly clean from the cake. 8” in diameter by 4” high.
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Great product
I bought this cake hoop to make Hannah Glasse's Rich Cake for a Colonial Day educational event at the school where I work. I have to say that the most difficult part of the project, for me, was fitting the paper around the bottom and sides of the hoop and tying it on; the paper has to be tightly fitted to the bottom edge or the cake batter will ooze in between the paper and the hoop, and make it more difficult to remove the hoop once the cake is baked. I was a bit worried that I would scratch the metal, because I had to use a spatula to loosen the cake from the hoop, where the batter had gotten under the paper and stuck to the hoop, but almost all of it came off without much trouble, and the rest soaked off in hot soapy water, with no scratches. The metal did darken a bit where it was exposed to the heat and unprotected by the paper, but it doesn't look bad. I did have to be careful to get under the edge of the metal, where it was rolled over on the top and bottom of the hoop, when I was cleaning it and drying it, and so far there is no rust.

This hoop holds about as much batter as 2 to 3 10-inch round standard cake pans will, and you will need to bake your cake until it tests "done" with a skewer or thin knife blade, no matter what your recipe says. Mine took 2 hours to bake, and it could have stood another 30 minutes of baking, because it was still so moist in the middle that it collapsed a bit as it cooled. Still edible, though, and such a large cake was impressive on the table.
Review by Elizabeth (Posted on 3/9/2018)
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