Men's Watch Cloak MC-162

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Might also be called a Boat Cloak. Stay warm at night in this cloak. It is semi-fitted with collar and circular shoulder cape. Made of 80% wool blanketing with cotton lining. Two strong steel hooks and eyes hold it closed at neck. One size fits all up to 50 chest. 48 inches to hem. Choose navy blue or black.

Night was setting in, one of the cold spring nights of the north; and it was discovered, soon after they left the ship, that in their haste they had forgotten to provide him with a boat-cloak. He, however, forbade them to return for one; and when one of his companions offered his own great-coat, and urged him to make use of it, he replied, "I thank you very much; but, to tell you the truth, my anxiety keeps me sufficiently warm at present." THE LIFE OF HORATIO LORD NELSON BY ROBERT SOUTHEY (1774-1843)

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