Men's 18th Century Buckle Shoes CS-925

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When you are dressed up in your 18th century gear you really want to have correct footwear that is sturdy and won't hurt your feet.

These are modeled after the mid-18th century style with a moderately squared toe. An excellent choice for civilian as well as military wear in the French and Indian War and Revolutionary War periods. Black leather with leather sole and heel. Straight lasted(no right or left). Mens sizes 6-1/2 to 13-1/2 D width only. For wider feet try ordering 1/2 size larger. BUCKLES ARE NOT INCLUDED. Made in USA.

A quick word about sizing - If you get the wrong size, no problem, send it right back and we will exchange them for the size you need!

To see a short video of shoe buckles being installed on a pair of shoes please see our CS-926 Shoe Buckle Page

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Customer Reviews (7)
Very comfortable!
I recently ordered 3 pairs for my sons and I. We have only worn them to a few events so far, so I can't comment on how long they will last. But they are surprisingly comfortable! Right out of the box with no break-in period discomfort. Even as a straight-last shoe, these are more comfortable than most of my 21st century leather dress shoes. And they fit true-to-size. Very happy with them so far. Only minor thing is take the advice of one of the other reviews: Once you know the fit is right, apply a heavy coating of fray-check to the edges of the sewn in lining, as it otherwise might start unraveling. Very very comfortable... I may have to order another pair to wear to the office! ;) Review by James (Posted on 5/29/2018)
Work fine for me
Mine fit perfectly. I switch left for right each year and get good wear from the soles which can be replaced locally for about half the price of the shoe. I got mine years ago now when they were much cheaper (wasn't everything), they were a good investment. On wet days I wear wooden shoes to make these last longer. Get the shoe polish and the dubbin, it really helps if you get caught in the rain, the soles I use pine tar on, like horses hooves. I have no trouble with the buckles being a mechanic and having been in the hobby a while now. Review by Peter (Posted on 1/9/2018)
Far better than expected
A wonderful shoe, it feels far more comfortable than I expected. I have a wide foot and did have to go up 1 full size from my modern dress shoes.
The staff at the store were extremely helpful, If you are in the area it is well worth the trip in. (they also helped me install the buckles)

Review by David A. (Posted on 11/9/2017)
Very nice, but...
I was a bit hesitant to order a straight last shoe, assuming that I would not get a very precise fit. That turned out to not be the case, and these fit far better than a pair of normal lasted buckle shoes that I have from another manufacturer. They not only fit better (with good toe room), they look better too! Overall, construction seems very solid. I wore them the first time this weekend (all day long, for two days) and they were very comfortable.

I'd like to give them a five star review, but for one thing! The canvas inner liner which covers the inside forefoot up to the tongue is not well executed. The fabric edges are not bound, surged or stabilized, simply stitched to the leather. As a result, after just two days wear they are coming unraveled, and at one place tearing away from the shoe body. I had to glue down one section, and have used "Fray Check" on the rest of the edges to try to arrest the unraveling. Seems odd that this oversight would exist on an otherwise well designed product. Not sure what I will do if the unraveling persists. This could be a problem, since I only wear these shoe for a particular event once a year. If additional unraveling occurs next year, Townsend may not want to cover it!
Review by Patrick (Posted on 6/19/2017)
Not perfect but better than others
I received my shoes two days after ordering. Took some effort (and several tries) to get the buckles on and in the right place. The toe width is much better than the shoes I bought from another sutler, and the heels are not too loose. I just wish the shoes were deeper inside so that I could put some decent padded insoles in them. If I put a regular pair of good orthotic supports in them, the shoes become too tight and my heels start to come out of the top of the back of the shoes.
That said, they still fit better than the ones I bought from another sutler.
Review by EWB (Posted on 6/8/2017)
I went to the store to buy a pair of your shoes and the staff there were very friendly and very helpful. They allowed me to try on several pair before selecting the right pair and afterwards helped me pick out the correct buckles as well and installed.
I'm planning on taking my girlfriend to your store next year so she can buy a skirt that will fit her correctly.
Review by Glyn thomas (Posted on 5/14/2017)
WOW, WOW and WOW! OUTSTANDING quality! Great leather cut, stitching, sizing right on the money, ample toe space if that is your concern. As a guy who has made several pairs of shoes/boots and would sometimes rather pay to have it done than do it, this was a GREAT CHOICE. Thick sole leather stiched, thick layered heels, straight last, curved heel to aid in shoe retention (less heal rub/blisters), robust latchets, low profile insole pad, cloth lined in part. WOW. I was expecting even less features on this shoe and I would have been happy, but from one who knows about proper traditional shoe construction (sans cobble nails) these are delightful for modern reenacting use. Add a set of custom buckles (chosen and sold separately) and use Jas. Townsend's excellent video on how to install the shoe buckles ( and you'll be smiling. Review by Justin D.-Brantingham (Posted on 6/6/2016)
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