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This is a truly amazing knife, handmade here in the U.S.A. by our cutler, Jeff White. The durable 8” long x 2” wide blade is forged from high-carbon steel and is convex ground for a very durable edge. The handle is made of beautiful curly maple and is secured to the blade’s full tang with brass pins. Overall length is over 12-1/2”.

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Great knife.
Got this knife for Christmas from my Mother in Law. She was worried that there was something wrong with it, that it was used or something, so be prepared, it is not a shiny knife, it is dark and beautiful if you love carbon steel knives. I have had it for 6 months and found it to keep an edge just fine with light use and the occasional honing with a steel. The edge retention seems to keep up with most brands of knives, short of the super steels that get over 60 on the rockwell hardness scale, so it was tempered well. Now, as with all carbon steels, it can rust, and easily gets dark. This dark is not rust and isn't bad for it. Just dry it after washing, don't soak it and never put in a dishwasher for both the sake of keeping it rust free and keeping the hardness of the edge. Keeping it lightly oil will help prevent rust. This knife has scale on it for looks, mine had a bit too much which chipped off, so taking a bit of emery paper to it smoothed out the ledge of the transition, taking off the loose bits in the process and leaving behind a dark portion on the blade that looks great. I also softened the edges of the spine a bit so they don't bite the fingers too much because I use a forward grip, pinching the blade when chopping. The blade geometry is great for the rolling chop style, but still has straight area for the lifting chop. The edge geometry looks thick, probably to help keep the edge from chipping while giving a long lasting sharp edge, because it isn't super thin, it isn't perfect for paper thin slices of vegetables, but I don't worry about chipping the blade boning a chicken either. But I really do love the knife. I would say for those who would love to have a hand crafted, classical looking chef knife with requiring only a bit of care, get this. It is worth the money. I am terrible at reviewing such, because I love it so. Normal people might give this a 3 due to the back being not rounded, the scale chipping off, or just how ugly it is to the uneducated eye. But I guess I liked how it wasn't just stamped out in a factory and looked it. It wasn't perfect and I made it better with ease. Hope you like yours. Review by Sean (Posted on 7/8/2017)
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