Combination Rush Light S-4040

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Combination Rush Light

Called the “poor man’s candle,” this rush light is hand-forged by our blacksmith and patterned after original examples. Rush Lights were very common in the 18^th and 19^th centuries. They utilized readily available materials for fuel, such as the meadow rush, which was cut and stripped of about three-fourths of its outer cortex or shell, exposing its pith, and allowed to dry. It was then soaked in melted tallow. We’ve also used the central stem of a common cattail, dried, quartered, and stripped of most of its cortex, and then soaked in melted beeswax. The rush is held at a slight angle for improved burning (but don’t expect the rush light to provide the same amount of light a candle does). The rushes we made for this photo burned at a rate of about one inch per minute. Our lamp is sold without rushes but if making rushes isn't your thing, never fear! This replica also features a candle socket, an innovative improvement over simpler versions. 13” tall. Sorry, Rushes and Candles are Not included.

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