Blowtube BT-330

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A very handy device for starting a fire and keeping it going. It's 33 inches long so you can blow on the fire from a safe distance. It also has a hook on one end for poking at the fire. Just remember - Blow out!

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Fantastic tool
This tube is spectacular for heating up and working your fire for outdoor cooking. It provides air where you need it most and the handy hook is very useful for moving hot coals around. VERY sturdy and useful. Great! Review by Chuck (Posted on 7/12/2017)
Blow tube fire poker
I have this very handy item now for several years and won't go camping without it. It will start a campfire and help to keep it going in half the time. I call it "The Bill Clinton"! (do not in hail, LOL) It's 33 inch length allows me to give it to the grand kids and let them keep the fire going. You will never regret getting one. Review by 1776 Mike (Posted on 5/22/2017)
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