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Young Couple with Two Small Children in a Laundry by Sigmund Freudenberger

Young Couple with two small children in a Laundry_Sigmund Freudenberger(1745-1801)__Sigmund Freudenberger (1745-1801) from the Swedish National Library

Detail: window, shutter, broom, washtub, dishes, cook pot, pot lid, iron kettle, fireplace, fireplace curtain, lantern, ceiling hook, playing card, family, chair, table, bottle, shelf, food, apples, basket, skillet, long handle frying pan,

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  1. Anybody know the function of the fireplace curtain? Nice picture showing how ordinary working people lived at home. Thanks!

  2. Everything in this pictures seems to speak of poverty. The house looks to be in need of paint and repair.
    The floor is dirty with food scraps scattered about. Even the dog is very thin. Is the husband trying to console the poor wife because of their situation in life?

  3. I think a few tags could be added:
    dog, onions (hanging from the ceiling), whip (the handle is too large for a childrens toy), baby chair (first time I saw this), sickle, broom,
    I am still looking for a good tag for the prints hanging on the door and besides the window.
    Isn’t there a book on the shelf of the fireplace?
    On the table perhaps some kind of celery.

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