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Women Working on Pillow Lace by Giacomo Ceruti about 1725

Siftingthepast_Women Working on Pillow Lace_Giacomo Ceruti_~1720

Giacomo  Ceruti( 1698 –  1767 )

Detail:  chairs, bobbin lace, bobbins, lace, lace pillows, work, child, apron, hair bun, neckerchief, woman’s clothing, tied on sleeve

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  1. Wonderful! Simply wonderful. Lower middle class women of varying ages from children to middle aged, working in subdued light. Their melancholy is as palpable as their quiet dignity. And the serene beauty of these women is haunting. This picture reveals both the light and the darkness of their lives. Nice graphic detail for a change. Thank you.

  2. The presence of the young reader is interesting. In workshops such as this, it was fairly common to have one person read aloud while the other workers did their tasks. This made repetitive work less boring, and possibly even edifying. The practice declined as manufacturing became more mechanized, since readers couldn’t be heard over the noise of machines. But as late as the 1990s, I read that such readers were employed in cigar factories in Cuba (where workers were rolling cigars by hand).

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