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Village Politicians by David Wilkie and Abraham Raimbach 1813

Village Politicians_David Wilkie and Abraham Raimbach_1813painter – David Wilkie (1785 – 1841) and engraver – Abraham Raimbach (1776 – 1843)

Here is the complete picture.

Detail: dog, spoon, bowl, cooking pot, cast iron pot with wood lid, iron pot split bail, wood stool, wood tub, wood bucket, table, cork screw, glass bottle, bread, cheese, fish, tin plate, basket, smoking pipes, wood tankard, wine glass, food, knife, broom, barrel, bowl, chair, newspaper, spectacles, funnel, candles, beer bottles, bird cage, bottle on string, tavern, beer bottles, beer bottle basket, basket, pipe, chair, table, decanter, half gaiters, buckled breeches, tied breeches, newspaper, eating knife, temple framed spectacles, eye glasses, door, door latch, bellows, fry pan, bread, bread rack, onions

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