View of Boston Harbor by Franz Xaver Habermann 1770

View of Boston Harbor_Franz Xaver Habermann(1721-1796)_1770Franz Xaver Habermann (1721-1796)

Detail: harbor, ship, boat, soldier, sailor, musket, anchor, cannon, workmen, drum, barrel, castle

5 thoughts on “View of Boston Harbor by Franz Xaver Habermann 1770”

  • Beautiful, I am totally showing this to my students today!

    I notice that the writing at the top appears to be backwards, as though it were a negative image, but th bottom does not. Do you know why this is?


  • The "castle" seems oddly out of place

  • That castle in the background immediately grabbed my attention. I don't remember there being a Medieval-style castle in Boston during the 1700s. There was a Castle Island located just off the coast where there was a small fort - it's also where the British soldiers who participated in the Boston Massacre were imprisoned during their trial. But the fort on Castle Island was small, not a massive stone castle, and this image is clearly meant to represent the Boston mainland. I then thought that this might actually be a view of the town of Boston, Lincolnshire County, England. But Boston, England is located inland a few miles from the seacoast. If anybody can give me more info about that peculiar fort, I'd be grateful.

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