Tinsmith from Encyclopedia Diderot and D’alembert 1763

The Tinsmith - Diderot 1763From the Encyclopedia of Sciences, Arts and Trades, Diderot and D’Alembert

Detail: workshop, tinware, tin bucket, tin funnel, stump anvil, mallet, shears, soldering iron, betty lamp, cooking pot, chocolate pot, plates, brazier, work bench, stool, dog, oil lamp

2 thoughts on “Tinsmith from Encyclopedia Diderot and D’alembert 1763”

  1. Greetings,

    It looks like there are some tankards? on the top center shelf behind the workers…maybe not. If so…it looks like one has a lid that is standing up? (Like a flagon?) Or is it a spoon sitting in it?

    Great image!

    X-Capt. Lt. M

  2. I would venture that this is more of a copper / redsmith shop judging from the tools and the items being made. the worker is raising the sides on a pot or such, that would most likely not be tin.

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