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Tinker by Franz Feyerabend 1790

Tinker_Franz Feyerabend(1755-1800)_1790Franz Feyerabend(1755-1800)

This is a superb image of an itinerant iron worker from the late 18th century.  A great study for someone looking to do an impression of a tinker.

Detail: Pan, long handled pan, basket, scrap iron, tinker, worker, hammer, stump anvil, gaiters, Nuremberg spectacles, glasses, pack basket


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  1. The metal is cold and one does not typically work iron cold. There is no indication he is packing a portable forge which would require a small cart to transport. If he had a cart, he would have no need of the backpack. He is probably a whitesmith or tinsmith as tin is readily worked cold although it is often accompanied by soldering of the seams.

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