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The Third Duke of Richmond out Shooting with his Servant by unknown 1765

Unknown Artist from the Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection

Detail: dog, gun, servant, game bird, hare, game bag, hunting clothes, livery clothing

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  1. Interesting game bag on his right. The bagstrap for the bag to his left almost looks like it has a rolled buckle.

    The muzzle of the barrel appears to be swamped.

    Neat paitining – thanks for posting.

  2. Some interesting things in this painting. The collared coat. What appears to be very large cloth covered buttons. The buckle on the bag’s adjustable strap (one I was recently told didn’t exist then).

    What I want to know is what he’s wearing for footgear. To me, it looks like straight lasts with spatterdashes, but I have heard others call these “boots.”

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