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The Sleeping Kitchen Maid by Peter Jakob Horemans 1765

Sleeping kitchen maid_Peter Jakob Horemans_1765Peter Jakob Horemans ( 1700 – 1776 )

Detail: kitchen, maid, food, bread, wine glass, door, latch, glass bottle, spool, bobbin, apron, yarn winder, jar, ceramic cooking pot with lid, shelf, chair

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  1. Laying on the fabric under the yard winder looks to be a drip spindle and in same area seems to be fiber for drawing thread/yarn from. Thought I’d help identify those for you.

    1. I believe it is a spinning wheel bobbin placed on a tool (I don’t know what – something like an ice pick, but not an ice pick) so the spun yarn can reel off the bobbin onto the yarn winder. Thanks for the input!

    1. It’s known as a reel A weasel is a counting device built into a special type of reel. This is a common confusion.

  2. Looks like flax. The way it is in a bundle resembles a flax braid. Color looks flaxen as well. Hard to be sure. I agree with Jon that icepick used so bobbin can spin freely as skein weinder used. I grow and spin my own flax which becomes the name linen once spun.

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