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The Shoemaker – Follower of David Teniers II ~1800

The Shoemaker_Follower of David Teniers II_~1800

Unknown Painter

Detail: shoemaker, cordwainer, axe, sailors palm,  hammer, twine, knife, bench, tub, shoes, mules, stool, boots, awl, strap, tools, shoe last, work apron, monmouth cap, stump, feather, bird cage, bird, shelf, pot, bottle, jar, basket, walking stick

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    1. The image is from an auction site and that was their guess at the age. While the topic and some of the items point to mid 17th century, I think it was painting technique and possibly color choices that made them put a possible later date on the painting. They may have just picked the latest date appropriate. This painting is so good I really wish we had more info on the artist.

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