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The Peddler by Louis Joseph Watteau 1779

The Peddler_Louis Joseph Watteau(1731-1789)_1779Louis Joseph Watteau (1731-1789)

Detail: farm house, laundry, well, well bucket, farmer, farm wife, peddler, walking stick, stockings, mirror tricorn hat, jug, washtub, plate

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  1. Notice that the bucket on the bottom left has a metal handle with its bracket placed under the hoop (it could also be forged into the hoop but the highlight in the painting makes it look like it’s under). I point this out because most people (myself included) want to install rope handles on buckets.

  2. I like the tub on the ground by the washer woman at the well. The handles are made into the tub by several staves that are “proud” of the tub’s lip. I do this on my tubs as well. It also looks to me like the lip & handles of the tub are flared out forming an almost beveled opening into the tub itself.

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