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The Pandreitje in Bruges – Garemijn 1778

Jan Antoon Garemijn 1712 – 1799

It is Wheelbarrow week here on Sifting-The-Past and this is day one.

Detail: wheelbarrow, market, produce, baskets, cart, horse, dog, child, sellers, table, sideshow.

Bonus wheelbarrow from Diderot’s L’Encyclopedie

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  1. is the woman on the far left likely a widow? I’ve tried on occasion to look up information on widow’s/mourner’s clothing pre-19th century but most searches end up being overwhelmingly full of Victorian-era trappings. One source I remember reading was that it was common to dye one’s wardrobe black upon the death of a spouse. While I didn’t think it was likely that a widow would dye her cap black, the black shawl worn over the head would make sense.

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