The Iron Forge by Joseph Wright of Derby 1772

The iron forge by Joseph WrightJoseph Wright of Derby(1734-1797)

Detail: blacksmith, forge, drop hammer, workmen, child, striped waistcoat, basket, dog, tongs, iron bar, brick work, beams,  workshop

One thought on “The Iron Forge by Joseph Wright of Derby 1772”

  • Morgan Gardner July 28, 2015 at 2:33 pm

    Whoa! How impervious this family seems to what is about to happen when the drop hammer falls on white hot iron! This painting is a wonderful study of middling-class working people, very much at home and at peace in surroundings that seem incredibly dangerous. Reminds me of William Blake: "...and was Jerusalem builded here, among those dark, satanic mills?" Wonderful detail. Haunting composition. No wonder we love the 18th Century so much. Thanks.

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