The Doctor’s Visit – Elisabeth Geertruida Wassenbergh 1760

Elisabeth Geertruida Wassenbergh  ( 1729  -1781 )

Detail: doctor, medicine, chair, table, brazier, foot warmer, cat,  spoon, medicine bottle, paintings, boy, bow, arrow, tricorn hat, maid, door, tea set

4 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Visit – Elisabeth Geertruida Wassenbergh 1760”

  1. For the painting’s origins, see Jan Steen’s “Doctor’s “Visit” of 1658-62. The painting’s subject was a popular genre scene in the mid-17th C.: the inabilities of vaunted doctors to diagnose the love-sickness or pregnancies of young women. Thus the boy with arrows is note a cat-torturing truant, but a symbol for Cupid. Steen’s work is a delightful mess of symbolic depictions of Dutch “common wisdom” sayings. Look into Dutch emblem books to see how images and sayings were combined with poems that would further explain the wisdom-sayings

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