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The Baker and His Wife by Jan Steen 1658

The Baker and His Wife_Jan Steen_1658Jan Steen (1626 – 1679)

Detail: food, baker, bread, buns, manchet, pretzel, pretzel hanger, workman, work cap, boy, horn, bread rack, store front,  peel

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  1. Excellent detail, especially the fly opening having no closure & relying on the long under-shirt to conceal the lower body parts.
    Thank you.

  2. Reblogged this on If I Had My Own Blue Box: and commented:
    I’ve had hot, soft pretzels on the mind for a couple weeks already. Seeing this painting makes me want to make some. What a perfect warm treat on a cold fall evening. Yum!
    I’m also curious about the bread held up and in the basket. They look concave. I wonder what those are.

  3. I think the concave bread may be what we call Yorkshire Pudding. That’s what mine look like when baked in a very hot oven in a shallow pan.

  4. Sister’s got some serious widow’s peak going on. Also, looks like the artist was playing fast and loose with the brickwork bond pattern, as it doesn’t appear to be very regular.

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