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Tanning from Diderot’s Encyclopedia 1769

Tanning Diderot 1769From the Encyclopedia of Sciences, Arts and Trades, Diderot and D’Alembert

And you thought you had a tough job.

Detail: workshop, work bench, hides, tanning, tanners, windows, open fire, grill, mules (shoes)

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    1. Interesting…I cannot recall (not that I am expert for sure!!) ever seeing trades dressed. Yes, hot and smelly (that I knew)…but if you;re dealing in acids, dyes etc (which I assume they were) it would seem you wanted to protect your own hide!!!!! With more than a turban and a diaper!!!!!!

  1. Pam W, tanners were, in fact, known for having tanned (dark and leathery) hides themselves. In Hamlet (Act 5, Scene 1), the gravedigger tells Hamlet that a tanner’s body takes especially long to decompose because “his hide is so tanned with his trade that he will keep out water a great while.”

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