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A Girl Bundling Asparagus – Atkinson 1771

A Girl Bundling Asparagus - Atkinson 1771John Atkinson, active 1770-1775  from Yale Center for British Art

We are back in the kitchen with Atkinson again.  This painting is chock full of interesting items to study.

Detail: produce,garden tools, washtub, wood bucket, carrots, lettuce, asparagus, baskets, pottle basket, fruit, grapes, table, cabinet, pitcher, jug, basin, mug, lantern, birdcage, bowl, storage jar, bags, bench, ladies clothing, bird, onions,  shovel, stairs, knife, hinges, shoes.

Kitchen Scene – Atkinson 1771

John Atkinson, active 1770-1775    from Yale Center for British Art

I wish this artist has done more work.   I look at this painting and my eyes just don’t know where to stop, there are so many things of which to make note.  Isn’t this a kitchen we all wish we had tucked away behind our real house.   I was caught by his tied shoes and his breeches being tied at the knee, also his lack of neck-wear.  Is that a greatcoat that he wore to work this morning hanging on the wall behind him?  I like the elevated cook surface that we can see in the background by the large open hearth.  And don’t forget the kitchen cat!

Detail: Produce, onions, lettuce, carrots, washtub, pitcher,  chair, ladle, bench, cat, brass kettle, basket, fowl, rabbit, case bottle, wall nook, great coat, bird cage, glass bottle, meat, S-hooks, pottle basket,milk pans, bowls, spit rack, tankard, candle box, hearth, crane, stool, table, cloth cap, sleeved waistcoat, apron, breeches, shoes, cat.


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